Funeral Flower Price Guide

Our funeral flower price guide is designed to give you an idea on the cost of some of our tributes and personalised bespoke work.

Along with some of the services we offer, this is by no means a comprehensive list so please do not hesitate to get in touch for further information.


Available with ribbon edges, plain or mixed foliage

We charge £30 per letter edged in flowers

We charge £35 per letter edged in ribbon or foliage

We charge £45 per letter with mixed flowers and foliage

Corner or middle sprays are an additional £10

Discounts are available on what we call stock words such as mum, dad or gran.

We can order any word in this our standard size or we can do larger lettering. Prices on request.

All lettering can be completed in the colour of your choice and with specific flower choices if required.

Heart Tributes

Open hearts, closed hearts, broken hearts and double hearts

We offer a wide range of heart tributes in 3 sizes, the smallest size being 15 inches the largest 22 inches. Although we can do larger on request.

Open heart from £50

Closed heart from £60

Broken heart from £60

Double heart from £70

All can be ribbon, plain or foliage edged in the colour of your choice. Mixed flower and foliage hearts incur an additional fee

Posey's and pillows

A range of posey's and pillows

These come in 3 sizes small, medium and large although we can make larger ones on request.

Each can be ribbon, flower or foliage trimmed with the colour of your choice. With your choice of seasonal flowers or specific flowers upon request. 

Small posey or pillow from £40

Medium posey or pillow from £50

Large posey or pillow from £60

Speciality Pieces

One off pieces designed for your loved one

We take the time to find out about your loved one and their hobbies or passions and help you design a individual tribute to them. Prices are dependant on the size design and flower choices but would be fully discussed with you every step of the way.

Coffin Sprays

Full coffin sprays, half coffin sprays and garlands

Coffin sprays can be designed in the colour of your choice and are

available in full size, half size or over size (drapes the edges of the coffin)

Full size coffin sprays from £200

Half size from £100

Over size from £250

Garlands are available these are usually used on wicker style coffins. Prices are available on request.

Flower Re-purposing

Bespoke Service

Many people like myself hate the waste with funeral flowers. So we offer a re-purposing service. This means we will collect the flowers from your loved ones day and make them into something else for you. So for example using a coffin spray to make bouquets. It means several people can take the flowers home and enjoy them. Please note not all tributes are suitable for this service.

Prices are dependant on individual requirements, so please do not hesitate to ask.

Woodland Burials

Biodegradable Tributes

We can now offer a range of biodegradable tributes suitable for woodland burials or for those wanting to help the environment.

Please contact us to discuss the options and pricing.

Flower Preservation

A very special keepsake

A range of preservation options from jewellery to paper weights, we dry then encapsulate a range of the flowers from your loved ones funeral. These are then turned into a beautiful keepsake to treasure for years to come. Prices start at £10. Please contact us to discuss the options and prices.