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Emma And Nicks Wedding

So after lots of delays and panicking due to the whole Covid crisis Emma and Nick finally tied the knot on the 10th July at the stunning Deans Court in Wimborne.

 This stunning venue is nestled away in the historic town and really is a hidden gem! For us it was a first wedding here and the whole team on site were amazing from beginning to end. 

Our lovely bride Emma had a very specific look she wanted to achieve at the venue and desperately wanted to include pink lily's in her bouquet. Normally we would advise brides against lily's purely due to the risk of the pollen staining the dress . But we finally settled on the amazing rose lily, it smells divine and looks stunning.

Our days start early on the actual day making up buttonholes and finishing off cascading bouquets, when we got up the weather was awful! After waiting so long , we were bitterly disappointed for them. But Emma's response when I asked if we were moving indoors for the ceremony or what was the back up plan amazed me, we are going to go for it and if we need to use umbrella's! 

Emma was busy having her hair and make up completed so it was off to the venue to set up in the pouring rain. Once we had the table centres all in place there was a break in the weather and like some kind of miracle the heavens parted and the sun broke through.

So we rushed outside and finalised the outdoor pieces and set up the aisle, all the time keeping our fingers crossed the rain would hold off! By the time they made it down the aisle the weather was glorious. 

Once we had pinned up all the groomsman and of course the all important groom Nick, we made ourselves scarce. 

Peeking from behind the hedgerow I watched a beaming Emma and Nick time the knot before departing and leaving them to enjoy the rest of their day. 

I and my team wish them both happiness, success and a long life together.

What To Expect From Your Consultation

So you booked a consultation with me now what? I work very differently from most florists is the first thing to make you aware of!  I ask a million questions, I am sorry but they all serve a purpose I promise, I am not just being nosey! I also take alot of notes..

I meet with you somewhere you are comfortable, this could be your home, a local café, pub, restaurant or even at your venue. This allows you to relax and chat in a more informal way. I will introduce myself to you and go through the finer details such as confirming your date, venue or venues, time of the wedding, number of guests, the list goes on. Each question is equally important to help us work out everything from timings to costs.

Then we get on to the fun stuff, do you have a theme or colour running through your day? Why did you choose that particular venue? This is an opportunity for me to get to know you both, how you met, what is important to you and how we can work together to make your day even more magical!

Your consultation should be relaxed, unhurried but most importantly there needs to be a connection. Whether you choose me to be your florist or not remember this person is going to be part of the most important day in your life. Do you like them? But above all else do you trust them?

There are things you can do to help your consultation, almost every couple have a file, full of ideas and photos or maybe a Pinterest board or two! Show me the things that have got you excited, the things you love, tell me the things that are really important to include.  Remember to tell me if there are things you hate too, it could be the colour purple, a particular flower. All of this helps me get creative. I honestly believe the things you dislike can be more important than the ones you do!!!!

Once we have finished chatting, I will go away and work out the plan and get it emailed over to you along with a cost estimate. 

There is never an pushy selling on my part, to me that connection with you as a couple is the most important thing. That is why I am so lucky to call many of my couples not just clients but friends.

Claire x

2021 Not The Start We Wanted But......

Ok, so not the start we wanted! Another national lockdown and weddings and events being cancelled again. But I am positive this year will be better. With the hopes of a new vaccine hopefully we will be able to see our friends again soon! 

So during Jan we are arranging weddings for 2021 and 2022. Rearranging the wedding and events for those having to do so again, we will be with them through every step of this scary process. 

We are focusing on the controllable rather than worrying about the things we have no control over and have been working with the amazing Faye Cornhill planning for the coming year. We are as excited as always and looking forward to getting back to meeting up with our clients again, good things are a coming!

Claire x

2020 The Year Covid-19 Hit

15 January 2020

Wow what a year 2020 was, if anyone ever said to me we would be working remotely and rebooking all our events whilst living under the shadow of a global pandemic I would have laughed at them.

So with all our events and weddings cancelled and no end in sight what to do next? We spent time looking over our website, marketing, feeling very positive at the beginning but like many others began to panic about where things were going. So with our brides all happily rebooked for 2021 and 2020 finally drawing to a close what next? Well my mojo got up and left the building! I was finding it harder and harder to keep motivated and moving forward, I was spending less time focused on the business and more time with my family.

Then having spoken to flowery friends of mine further up country I had a bit of a reality check, whilst I was sat worrying about not having vast amounts or work and sulking like a petulant child in some sort of strange limbo. They were struggling to keep up with the funeral work, some of these guys were doing 5 plus funerals a day! That's when I had a lightbulb moment, take the positives. No work has not been great, but to balance that I spent my summer with my children picnicking in the garden, playing in the pool and enjoying a beautiful summer. My summers are normally manic and spent going event to event so it was lovely. What had I to complain about my family was together, happy (most of the time) and healthy. Not doing 5 plus funerals a day due to covid meant things were a little safer here and I was happy to take that.

As a family we became closer and as Christmas approached we were all looking forward to the end of 2020 and life getting back to normal. So with that in mind we began to look at 2021 and plan our year! Fingers crossed it's a better one!!!!

Claire x